Printed Material Stock Tracking System 

This is a system allowing for the follow-up and control of the process continuing from the receipt of the printed materials used in the tradesmen and craftsmen throughout the country and the registered organizations thereof to the disposal of such materials.


E-Registry Gazette Information System

This is a programme by which the Tradesmen and Craftsmen Registry Gazettes published in manual environment from 1984 until 2005 are transferred into electronic environment and the Registration Offices in the Unions of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen located in the provinces can examine the publications belonging to their own provinces.


TESK Forum

TESK Forum has been created within the scope of our website in order to provide the most accurate information to our organization and to ensure the organizational solidarity and sharing.


ID Card Registration System

The applications for the ID cards given by our Confederation to our organizational executives and the organizational staff are made and arranged in electronic environment by means of this system.


Tax Record Information System

This service by which the officials of the tradesmen and craftsmen occupational organizations can examine the tax record of any tradesman and craftsman has been put into service as web-based. 


Quick Response System

Quick Response System by which all of our people can forward all their questions and problems concerning the tradesmen and craftsmen and receive answers has been brought into use.


Capacity Report Information System

Capacity Reports in which the production and consumption capacities of our tradesmen and craftsmen are reported have been transferred into the digital environment and Capacity Report Information System ensuring that the capacity reports get ready for use within no later than one hour has been opened.


e-Learning Portal

e-Learning Portal has been put into service in order to inform the employees of our Tradesmen and Craftsmen occupational organizations on any kind of subjects included in the operating areas of our Confederation.


Identity Sharing Information System

Identity Sharing Information System by which the identity and residence information of the tradesmen and craftsmen can be obtained as online has been put into use.


Document Management Information System

Document Management Information System which supports e-signature application as well and by which the incoming nad outgoing documents are recorded and reported has been started to be used.


Industrial Property Rights Information Website

Comprehensive Industrial Property Rights Information Website on which the questions such as “What is Industrial Property? What is Trademark? What is Patent? Where is Patent taken out from and how is Patent application made?” are answered has been prepared and put into use.


KOSGEB Support Programmes

A detailed website on which any kind of questions with regard to KOSGEB Support Programmes are answered has been prepared and put into use.


Reliable Food Information Website

This is a website on which the necessary studies have been performed for the solution of the problems of our tradesmen and craftsmen operating in the food sector, which arise from the applicable food legislation, by our Confederation.


Export Information Website

This is a website aiming the guidance of our tradesmen and craftsmen who desire to export by our Confederation and including the basic information on Export.


Public Procurement Applications Information Website

n the participation to the public procurements, you can find the transactions required to be performed by our tradesmen and craftsmen within the process beginning with the review of the procurement and/or preliminary qualification notice and executed within the scope of the Public Procurement Law no 4734 in our information website.





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