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TESK is a tradesmen and craftsmen organization that has been established to set and regulate economical and social formations of the society as it originated in relation to the “trade guild membership” formed in 12th century. Very basis of the tradesmen and craftsmen’s  society sector’s modern organizational structure were first formed by means of a law that was passed, and then reached its current structure owing to the Tradesmen and Craftsmen Law numbered 507, that came into force in 1964.  Finally, the tradesmen and craftsmen chambers’, unions, federations’ and confederation establishment and operational rudiments have been renovated according to today’s conditions by means of the  Tradesmen and Craftsmen Occupational Organizations Law numbered 5362 that came into force on the date of 21/06/2005.

As one of the most important non-governmental organizations of our country, The Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen (TESK);  while currently having country-wide organizational structure with its 13 Sector Occupational Federations, 82 Tradesmen and Craftsmen Union of Chambers and 3109 Local Occupational Chambers (by the end of 2012 March), it is the highest status occupational organization with its public institution property representing nearly 2 millions tradesmen and craftsmen members working through service and production sectors, most of them can be classified as SME’s. All of its managers are assigned to their positions through democratic elections carried out by its members, and is managed by an administration board consisting of 15 persons.

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